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Connect your Guild Wars 2 accounts directly to applications. You do not have to create an API key and copy-paste it for every application anymore. If you have multiple accounts, you can simply choose the accounts the application should have access to.

For all applications with integration it is just one click to authorize access to your Guild Wars 2 accounts. You review the requested permissions and authorize them using the secure OAuth 2.0 protocol. The application will only receive the permissions you granted.

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Manage your Guild Wars 2 Accounts

Manage all your Guild Wars 2 Accounts in a single place. Applications will only be able to access the information from the accounts you authorize. You can update the accounts an application has access to at any time.

You will be guided through the process of adding new accounts to You can also verify your ownership of accounts, and applications will be able to use this information. will monitor the status of your API keys and inform you when you need to take action.

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Review and Revoke Access

Keep an overview over which applications are currently authorized to access your Guild Wars 2 accounts. You can also revoke access for each application at any time.

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Application Extensions
For Developers

If you are a developer, you can integrate into your applications. will take care of the authorization and Guild Wars 2 account management, so you can focus on developing your application.

Since is an OAuth 2.0 provider, you can use existing libraries to use in your application. Or use our extensive developer documentation to call the few API endpoints yourself.

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